Long time with no post…

In early October I was working on some camera tracking for experiments around Seriously.js and Three.js. My post about that stuff was in progress and then my good friend Rémi offered me to help him for his new project. I was pretty excited and agreed to contribute to it.

A new side project

So we’ve made Cardboard-Kit in 3 weeks. Cardboard-Kit is a small company manufacturing and selling DIY VR headsets, based on the Google Cardboard Project. The product is made in France and for the moment we are only delivering in this country.
There are already several ways to get this kind of viewer on the Internet, but either it’s expensive (shipping from the US to France) or it’s made of a pretty cheap quality.
Another point is that we want to contribute to popularize the VR experience and Cardboard is one of the easiest way to reach it. Basically, the VR can’t be made accessible to everyone if it’s expensive and/or you have to buy it on an American or Chinese website.

Pieces of work

On this project I’m in charge of designing and producing all stuff related to the visual identity (logo, business card, user manual, press-kit…), developing the website, and creating motion graphics. The packaging for the sold-in-store product is designed by my friend Jeanne Delécluse.

Motion design

Video introduction (v2) for the website

Graphic design

Although art direction isn’t my job, I’m always enthusiastic about working on graphic design. It’s also a good way for improving my main skills.

Brand identity

Web design and web development

In the same way I’ve also done some back-end work. To improve the UX, I wanted to include the cart on the main page, so I dived into OpenCart and coded some PHP to make it work.

Desktop Website (Click to expand)

Based on Bootstrap 3, the one-page-scroll website is naturally responsive.

Mobile Website (Click to expand)

It’s still in progress but it works and the main job is done. This project is now becoming a side-project. 🙂

Soon, back to WebGL with real-time compositing (amazing Seriously.js !) and probably some VR web apps to loop the loop with Cardboard-kit.