Welcome to the blog of TurboDrive!

Profil pictureI’m Silvère Maréchal, Interactive Motion Designer. I’ve started crafting my first website around 15 years ago. From the beginning, I’ve always been passionate on both interaction and motion. This is the position I’m supporting in my work.

Visit my website to know more: http://www.turbodrive.tv/ or check my profile on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/silveremarechal

The goal of this blog is to share tricks, ideas, but also show more easily some of my projects or experiments. A lot of amazing ressources already exists about web design, web development and motion design. It’s why I’m gonna try to do something a bit different. I would like to show more specifically stuff about the bridge between front-end development and motion design. Everything related from video editing, After Effects, C4D to CSS, WebGL, through ActionScript, UI and UX, JavaScript amongst a lot of different topics.

Oh, and you’ve probably guessed, I’m also a big fan of aesthetic from the 80’s…

Selection of ressources

When I started to write the article about the workflow AE to CSS, I felt It should be a bit complicated to read without basis about some topics. As reminder, this blog doesn’t aim to explain basis in any field. I assume the readers have a certain amount of knowledge. However, here is a quick selection of links to fill some gaps (and learn for weeks!):

Motion design
Web design and web-development (front-end)


Write is not something easy as a beginner in this exercise. I try to give the best of the explanation and quote my sources. But honestly, I don’t give any guarantee articles are flawless. I suppose readers are able to cross-check, try by themselves, and take distance from what is written for free on the internet.

Also I’d like to say English is not my mother tongue. It’s why it could have mistakes and lack of vocabulary or syntax accuracy. But I really care about the language I use to write this blog. So, be sure I’m still learning and improving this everyday.